The New book and Notice to Marine
Book and map publishments are very important in maritime sector.Our company makes arrangements and updates of these books in addition to this annual agreements available and all volumes of these magazines can be compiled for you. Our proved oneself company serves many customers in this area. You can call us for references.


Fire Extinction Systems for Ships
It is indispensable for ships having fire extinction system. Periodical filling and maintenance of fire extinguishers allows both for your safety and to not having any problems in supervisions.We -as the company- do not have certificate for fire systems.We supply this with our associated companies.We fill and certificate and test the fire extinguishers (K.K.T.- CO2 - FOAM),maintain interior systems of fire cabinets(hosepipes,valves,union connections). We check the settlements of equipments and materials with qualified personals and skippers according to plan of fire for ship.In case of being down and being approved of materials which ones have to be replaced, we provide them immediately.


Our company serves for sick bays.It is compulsory for ships having sick bays.Having these with best quality and most reliable way will both be important for health of ship staffs and be reliable while being checked of the ship. With expert medical partners we build sick bays as A,B,C types and we prepare and stick the international codes in english on medicine boxes we sell.At the same time turkish using guides are included in medicine boxes.

Expiration dates of medicines in sick bays are fairly important.We are all ready for your medicine Works to arrange the dates.


Life Boats and Ships Boats Tests
As you know the best way of leaving the ship are life boats(rafts) or ship’s boats.Any deficiencies or troubles of these equipments can cause irremeable problems,so the periodical maintenance and tests are compulsory. We handle these duties with our associated partners.


Repair of gyro and standart compass
Gemilere yön vermede pusulalar vazgeçilmez unsurlardır. Pusulalar; 2 tiptir. Miyar ve Cayro pusula. Miyar Pusula imalatçısı olan firmamız; pusula bakım ve tamir işleri yapmaktadır. Yaptığımız bakımlar tamamen firmamız tarafından garantilidir. Cayro pusula servislerini yine konusunda uzman ve yetkili partnerlerimiz ile gerçekleştirmekteyiz.


Gaz ölçüm Cihazları Kalibrasyonu
Together with our qualified and authorized partners, we calibrate the measurement devices of gas.