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Tape Anti-Splashing 50MMX10MTR

Tape Anti-Splashing 50MMX10MTR

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anti-splashing tape was designed with the aim of protecting pipeline installations against leakage in accordance with the latest  The flammable substance once it comes into contact with a hot surface may be the cause of fire. According to the Solas Regulations the tape has been designed to protect pipe flanges and fittings in oil pipe systems against the uncontrolled oil spraying and leakages. The MF01 tape directs any potential leakage to areas where the hot substance will not be dangerous.

Antispray is available in sheet and tape format of various size, in all versions equipped with an adhesive layer to ensure easy installation.

 is the first spray preventing tape which is enhanced with a fire-retardant (self-extinguisihing) adhesive layer for further enhancing the safety standards. The self-adhesive layer is extremely strong and water resistant.

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