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It is formulated as powerful water based oil remover for machine rooms, decks and cabins. In light cleaning, use %2-3 cleaning solution in fresh water, leave the solution on the oily surface for 5-10 minutes than wipe away. Heat the solution to get better results. It is not corrosive so it can be used on every surface. If it is going to be used as a Tank Cleaner, especially with the tanks carrying diesel oil, mazout, benzine and oil; use 0.2-2 cleaning solution in fresh water and circulate or spray with water jets. It is not effective with fuel oil.

ER-APC doesn’t smells irritating like other tank cleaners. In closed smelly places use ER-APC. It will clean the surroundings and prevent from irritating smell.


In heavy-duty cleanings, use the product directly over the oily surface and leave it for 5-10 minutes and clean the surface by a brush

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