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It is an effective solvent based cleaning product for Air Coolers, which removes the carbonized dust from air systems and the compressor side of the turbo charges. Considering the carbonized dirt rate on the Air Cooler, ECC-19 may be diluted to 1lt of ECC-19 to 2 ltr of water. Dilution causes a color change in the mixture and turns in to milk white. The mixture must be put in to usage in five minutes after the dilution process. If the Cooler is too dirty, before cleaning rinse it with hot water to soften and remove ( if possible ) the deposits. Than circulate with ECC-19 for 2-5 hours. Heat ECC-19 to 50 – 55 °C during the circulation for better results. After cleaning, rinse the Air Cooler with fresh water. Don’t forget, the best results are taken when ECC-19 is used undiluted. 

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