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It is an efficient acid solution, supported with amine-based inhibitor to clean the scale and corrosion deposits left by the water in the heat changing systems like vapor-hot water boilers, heat exchangers, condenses, evaporators and induction ovens. Don’t use descaling liquid on Aluminium and galvanized zinc surfaces. Because descaling liquid is supported with amine-based inhibitor, it doesn’t reactivates with metal surfaces. 3 Kg descaling liquid cleans 1 Kg of scale.

Before the cleaning, the scale quantity must be determined in order to calculate the amount of Descaling liquid for the cleaning. While using Descaling Liquid in Boiler cleanings, dilute it 1/3 or 1/4 with water. Fill the boiler to it’s operating level and circulate. Circulation method must be operated by the circulation of descaling liquid solution taken from the blowdown and pumping it back to boiler from the top lid by a pump, for 20–24 hours. If the results are not satisfying, add descaling liquid to the solution in the circulation and continue to circulate. After the cleaning release the solution in the boiler completely and rinse it with fresh water. Use ERAY which is a product of ERTEK CHEMICALS to neutralize the system. Usage: Fill the boiler with water and add ERAY till you find a pH between 9-10, than circulate for 2 hours. Afterwards release the ERAY solution from the system. To operate the boiler make the mechanical cleaning first and fill the boiler with water to its operation level.

The most efficient way to use descaling liquid is the circulation method, which is used in cleaning deposits from big systems and parts. If the system requires oil, grease or carbonic oil, make a pre-wash with ER-APC in order to remove them.


Descaling liquid must be kept in plastic drums. You may add water to acid but don’t forget you must not add acid to water. 

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